trigBoard v8


The trigBoard is an extremely low power platform for the ESP32 WiFi+Bluetooth Module. This board is perfect for battery powered applications, due to it’s single digit uA standby current draw ~1.5uA with a 3V battery input. To give an idea as to how low this current draw is, a cheap smoke detector pulls about 7uA. This board was initially designed to be the ideal IoT device - a WiFi connected battery powered monitoring solution for dry contacts (door/window sensors), where a push notification is immediately sent when the contact state has changed. The ultra low standby current does not change regardless if the contact remains in the closed/opened state (this is part of the secret sauce in the trigBoard design). But of course, the trigBoard is a playground of low power features, so it can easily be adapted to a unique monitoring application:

  • Many battery options, with input voltage range from 1.8-5V. Great for two AAA batteries or even a rechargeable Lithium cell at 4.2V. Reverse polarity protection built in, so no issues if batteries are plugged in backwards. See Battery Page for more information and calculations
  • Multiple wake sources all configurable through software (no solder jumpers)
  • Dry contact trigger input supporting BOTH contact OPEN and contact CLOSE, but configurable for either or both, so if for example a garage door was monitored, a push notification could go out for when the garage opens AND when the garage closes.
  • The board utilizes an actual RTC (Real Time Clock). This is a high quality RTC, so accurate wake times can be configured. The timer wakes the board up at the configured time - for example once and hour, then checks the battery voltage and if low, will send out a push notification. The timer can also be used to check the current status of the contact and send out a notification, so in the garage door example, the board can be configured to not only send out notifications when the door opens/closes, but also when the garage is left open for some period of time after the door was opened.
  • Clock Wake/Timestamps introduced in base firmware 8/16/21 allow for a daily alarm to wake the board up with many other options like adding time stamps to messages and synchronizing with an NTP server. This can be useful for a number of reasons like for applications that rarely wake, this can send a daily “heartbeat” message. Or even as a “run time” clock, if you don’t set the time with the NTP server, it starts at zero, so the timestamp can tell you elapsed time since that board was powered up.
  • Wake button on board can also be used to send out a push notification.
  • Unused pins from ESP32 broken out for future expansion and in-line to fit breadboards - developer friendly. See Pinout page for more information
  • Base Firmware supports many Push Notification service options like Pushsafer, Pushover, IFTTT, and Telegram. And even develop a custom solution with MQTT Home Assistant, UDP or TCP. Any of these can be enabled, or even multiple. For example, the notifications can go out through Pushover, then a secondary backup notification can go through MQTT. Or even a notification though Pushsafer, then turn the lights on in the house with IFTTT. The possibilities are endless with this.
  • Configurator Tool gives full control over the board parameters and settings - in a nice clean easy to use GUI through Google Chrome and a Bluetooth connection to the ESP32.
  • Made in the USA
  • ESP32 Module is FCC Certified and trigBoard has been scanned independently