All of the parameters in the trigBoard are configured in the Configurator Tool


To enter configuration mode on the trigBoard, simply press and hold the wake button until the blue LED starts flashing, then you can let go. The board is ready to be configured. If you can’t connect to it or you change your mind, you can just press the reset button and the board will go back to sleep. I suggest testing out the configurator before installing the trigBoard in it’s final location. A full description of the settings are described on the Quickstart Page


  • The Configurator tool only runs in the Google Chrome Browser
  • This works on Windows10/Mac/Linux - do not use a mobile device. Older computers may not work!
  • Requires Bluetooth to be enabled and turned ON
  • You may have to enable experimental features but I have not seen that here with my machines.
  • Problems with Windows 10? Check your build version “Settings->System->About” and should be at least 1703. One user had issues with v1607. Also noted this helped in troubleshooting.

iOS users! There is a way to configure the trigBoard from your mobile device, but this requires a paid app to allow access to the bluetooth connection. This is very handy for making quick changes and for starting OTA mode. Just search the app store for “WebBle” and use it just like a browser to launch the Configurator. To get to the docs quickly, just go to

_images/webbleapp.png _images/configuratorGip.gif

This video describes the configurator (and other features) in extreme detail:

0:00 Intro
00:50 Example/Demo
1:43 New Features
5:34 Accessories
6:47 Low Power Testing
10:16 Configuration
13:18 WiFi Settings
15:18 Wake Settings
16:27 Timer Settings
19:35 Push Notification Services
23:22 UDP Message Demo
25:38 MQTT
26:30 High Speed Trigger
27:54 trigBoard Timer Examples
28:55 OTA/Serial Programming
29:35 Final Thoughts - Manufacturing/Pricing

Source Code

Here is the git for the configurator

My code includes all libraries, so shouldn’t need to add anything, but for reference, this uses the amazing p5.ble library


  • Written in Processing v3.5.4
  • In p5.js mode
  • You can run this offline, but use an app for chrome called Web Server For Chrome Then from there you can target the downloaded source folder and it will run with no internet connection